WME Pre85 – End of Season 4

By Mike Hewlett #22

Well the finale didn’t go to plan, but no one has control over the weather. But even so the season was finished off with some great racing on Saturday at Pontrilas with the Toughsheet National Twinshock Championship. 25 years running for them, WOW.

Jason Aylett

The season kicked off with every one revved up after a long winter, and the 500cc class had a new kid on the block (well not quite a kid, on his way to an old man more like,lol) showing everyone how it’s done. It was going to be interesting and after the first round all the usual’s were up there. Kevin Reed, Jake Chamberlain, James Reeves, Scott Reed and Carl Pope all up there scoring points. Unfortunately Carl Pope had a big off at the 3rd round which ended his season.

As Jason Aylett continued to perform throughout the season, word seemed to go around, and Paul Kirby (Who had been missed all season) returned for the last three rounds to add some spice. (Let’s hope he returns for a full season next year). After some great battles the Lucas Oils WME Pre 85 500cc title went to a well-deserved Jason Aylett. Followed by Kevin Reed 2nd, Jake Chamberlain 3rd and James Reeves 4th. A consistent year brought Nathan Smith home in 5th place followed by cider slurping Louis Harmer. Word on the the street is that Harmers Maico runs on Cider.

The 250cc class was always going to be interesting as some rivalry seemed to build up between Kevin Butcher and Jim Shand at the beginning of the season, all in the spirit of racing. Jim Shand had a DNF in the first round and had to play catch up all season, chasing hard all season for those points and still finishing a respective 3rd in the championship. Kevin Butcher managed to scrape together an extra 5 points for second, and that was without punching anybody, respect for self-control.

Dean Warren

Dean Warren rode consistently all year, with his smooth effortless riding style to take the overall, and that was even after missing one round,(what a show off), not sure how many CC,s he was running though. Nick Payton rode consistently on points and even after missing three rounds came in 4th. Craig Ruck seemed to be enjoying his first full season with the WME (wonder if he has anything for sale) came in 5th followed by Allan Ashworth who chucked in a few good race results. One question has to be asked, how the f@@k did Nigel D Green come in 7th, he spent more time stripping his bike to get it going. Poor old boy still hasn’t realised why no one else is riding a Cagiva. What an end to the WeMoveBikes WME Pre 85 250cc Championship.

Dave Russell

The Matt Gardiner MX WME Pre 85 125cc championship had the old codgers taking the first four places.

Dave Russell put in some consistent results all year to take the number one spot, but the results may have been different if second place Neil Griffiths had gained some points in round five. But hey you got to be in it to win it. Chris Pritchet took third place and had probably been talking too much to Kevin Butcher and was practising his punching technique in the last round. Punching posts and coming away with a broken hand is not the way forward. Nick Mauger had the youngsters on his heels for 4th. Zac Hackett came in 5th followed by Sam Russell in 6th, after completing his first full season racing. A bit of gossip through the pits says Dave Russell is moving to the 250cc class next year. Worried his son might take the 125cc title of him,lol

The RH Legal Solicitors WME Pre 85 4 Stroke Championship went to a well-deserved and very entertaining rider Jordan Pope.

Jordan Pope

No one is sure how many times he ate dirt, but the count was lost after the first couple of races of the season. But the pure determination took him to the overall. 2nd place went to another true supporter of the WME series, Mr duck tape Durkan. Dom rode consistently all year for a well deserved 2nd place, although rumour has it he does like to cut the track occasionally. Next in was Ade Dark followed by another father and son team, Dan Dark. Rupert Hills followed up with 5th place, think he threatened to take legal action if any one else entered the 4 stroke class.

The overalls for the Westons Cider Challenge Cup were as follows: 1st Jason Aylett, 2nd Dean Warren, 3rd Kevin Butcher, 4th Jim Shand, 5th Kevin Reed and 6th Jake Chamberlain.

It’s been a great season with old and new faces, riding alongside old seasoned racers and those beginning their journey of the love of Motocross. Some riders have been missed this year, Carl Pope, Paul Kirby and Matt Hitchman to name a few. May be they are missing Rob Mandell, but rumour has it he may well be back next season.

Big thank you to Nicky Williams who helps out so much with admin and Sheri O,Reilly for the great photography.
See you all on the start line and round the old camp fire next season for some more Fun fun fun… Mike