2019 Events


Round 1 Championship 17th March @ North Nibley with UK-Evo AMCA

Round 2 Championship 7th April @ Polesworth with National Twinshock IOPD

Open Meeting 28th April @ Ford With UK-Evo AMCA

Round 3 + Open Meeting 5th & 6th May @ St. Catherines Tormarton AMCA

Round 4 Championship 9th June @ Clifton on Teme ORMS

Round 5 Championship 6th & 7th July @ Farleigh Castle (King of the Castle) National Twinshock IOPD

Round 6 Championship 27th & 28th July @ Pontrilas with National Twinshock IOPD

Round 7 Championship 24th & 25th August @ Ford with UK-Evo AMCA

Open Meeting 26th August @ Culham (Festival of Legends) National Twinshock IOPD

Round 8 Championship 15th September @ venue T.B.C. West Mids Evo ORMS


W.M.E. Pre 85 International Fixtures 2019

Ireland 26th May Halfway Bar, Co Waterford YSMA

France 15th & 16th June, Tilly-Sur-Seulles (TBC)

UK 6th & 7th July, Farleigh Castle IOPD

Holland TBC.