WME at International Dirt Bike Show 2016

Dirtbike show 16 logoAgain this year WME Pre85 Motocross Series will be attending the International Dirt Bike Show 2016 at Stonleigh Park between 27th and 30th October.

Pop by and you’ll be able to register for the 2017 race series and championship events, check out some of winning bikes and riders (if they’re not asleep)

You can check out ticket information, opening times and directions at:

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Pre85 Party time…!

Pre85 Party time…

Replace the race boots for a pair of dancing shoes, buy the missus a new frock and get along to the 2016 WME Pre85 Motocross Series Presentation dinner and dance at the Hilton Hotel in Swindon on 12th November ’16…  302770_557974720895662_1805445599_n

This year our special guest will be none other than GP legend and full on Vintage MX rockstar – BRIAN WHEELER…  so the evening is sure to be a real cracker

Of course the music will be provided by WME’s resident rockband The BLACK PEARLS – who are actually errrr…. real rockstars..!!!

Call Nigel or Paul or email to book…



RESULTS WME Pre85 Championship – ROUND 9 PONTRILAS 24-25/09/16


WME race 3 Pontrilas 24/9/16

Posted by Nicky Williams on Sunday, 25 September 2016


RESULTS WME Pre85 Championship Round 9 – 24/09/16 Pontrilas

WME 2016 Round 9 Race Results
1116Dean Warren250434145129
2230Jason Aylett500414543129
35Kevin Reed500393841118
427Paul Kirby 500453635116
5329Jim Shand250363937112
6118Kevin Butcher250353536106
741James Reeves500372939105
8594Jordan Pope4-Stroke313237100
9160Neil Griffiths12530333497
10468Nick Payton25029313191
1121Dave Russell12528303290
1216Chris Pritchett12527262982
13212Zac Hackett12521283382
1435Gene Harker25026253081
1547Simon Gower500334376
16170Kyle Godbear50024232572
174Nathan Smith500343771
1879Louis Harmer50025222471
1955Dom Durkan4-Stroke23192769
20138James Hudson12517242667
2131Vic Doughty500323466
2286Dave Frampton12520182159
23195Steve Ryan50018212059
24144Vince Crawley12516162355
2532Peter Chambers25015201853
2656John Durkan25014172253
2712Nick Mauger125222749
2864Craig Ruck25012151744
2972Sam Russell1251901938
30155Tony Giles25010131437
31180Colin Hambridge5008111534
32164Nigel Green2501114631
33320Nick Gould2503121631
3410Steve Baldwin500971228
359Billy Mauger125591327
3644Paul Mansell125131023
3730Simon Doughty500481022
38283Dean Eggleton125601117
39600Nigel Morris50026917
403Dawson Williams12570714
4166John Gerrish50005813

2016 Overall Championship Results


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Points pivotal in final Pre85 punch up at Pontrilas


After 8 rounds of WME Pre85 Motocross Series action in 2016 – it couldn’t be any closer at the top of all the Championship classes, and with 180 points potentially available going into the final round of 2016 mathematically it is still all to play for across all the WME championships including the overall WESTONS CIDER CHALLENGE CUP Rockstar…!. Overall pic

2016 WME Pre85 rookie Jason Aylett has ridden like a full on Rockstar in his first year of WME action having taken 6 overall wins.  Going into the last round he has a dominant 121 points lead over his next rival and only has to cruise to safe points finishes in each race to be crowned WME Pre85 top dog in the 2016 WESTONS CIDER CHALLENGE CUP. 13047688_1592253021065538_7460955181555794404_oJake Chamberlain has worked very hard for his current 2nd place position, But as we all know Jake is now out of the final round through injury picked up at the last WME International in Belgium and is sure to be demoted off the 2016 overall rostrum. 2nd and 3rd WESTONS CIDER CHALLENGE CUP podium places will be a close run thing – fought out by Kevin Butcher, Jim Shand, Dean Warren and Kevin Reed who are currently all separated by just 20 points.500 overall

Barring any disasters Jason Aylett also looks set to take the LUCAS OILS 500cc Championship this year and given Jake Chamberlains cruel luck in Belgium it looks like Kevin Reed (only 20 points behind) should overhaul poor Jake to secure 2nd place this year. But with 159 points in hand over 4th placed James Reeves and Nathan Smith, Jake will hope he’s done enough already to round out the 500cc podium when the dust settles at Pontrilas – but mathematically either James or Smith could still take home enough points to nick 3rd place in 2016 WME Pre85 500cc championship and pile some more pain onto Jake’s miserable month.

250 overallThe action at the top of the WMB 250cc Championship has been frantic all season.  Anyone of 3 riders could win it and all the podium places will be settled at Pontrilas. 13055711_1592250501065790_8024651059054171620_o3rd in 2015 Kevin Butcher has lead the 250cc class most of this season but Jim Shand (2nd in ‘15) is only 9 points behind and really wants to win it this year. On form Dean Warren has missed a round this year but has been closing on the top two fast in recent weeks, just 4 points further behind Dean could overhaul both Jim and Kevin to snatch the Championship at the last gasp. This is set up for a photo finish and the 250cc racing will be intense, clearly none of these guys can afford any mistakes or DNFs.125 overall

3rd overall in the 125cc championship in 2015 Dave Russell, has ridden his pants off all year, consistently finishing right up there against the bigger bikes. Quite frankly Dave fully deserves to take the 2016 MATT GARDINER 125cc Championship at Pontrilas and w13235192_1012991355457192_5068188441245417695_oith a 55 points gap over Neil Griffiths, Dave needn’t take any chances. He will hope Neil has his hands full dealing with the very capable Chris Pritchett who is just 14 further points adrift and will no doubt be trying very hard to swap places with Neil in the final reckonings. It looks like Nick Mauger will just miss the championship podium this year and just behind him Matt Harris, Zac Hackett and Sam Russell are within 34 points of each other in the battle for 5th Overall this year…13901408_10154510144834880_4415979008669763260_n4 st overall

3rd in the 2015 4 Stroke championship Dom Durkan has consistently been the best finishing Pre85 thumper rider all season and has lead the RH LEGAL SOLICITORS 4 Stroke championship since round one. However Jordan Pope is now only 24 points behind Dom going into the last round and as we all know Jordan is super quick when he has reliability,  It is very possible that Dom could be disappointed this year right at the very end – which would be harsh… Behind Dom and Jordan, Ade Dark should be able to do enough to maintain his points gap for 3rd place in the 2016 4 Stoke championship. However it only needs for Ade to have just one DNF and last years 500cc class champion Paul Kirby to turn up on his game and this could change in favour of the number 27.

So, all in all, nothing is decided and the last round at Pontrilas should prove to be a proper punch-up for Pre85 points… Can’t wait…!pontrilas-round-9-poster-pic

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WME Pre85 goes F1

SPEED, GPS Track Map, Elasped & Best Time deltas and Vertical G’s…. All essential data for the average Vintage MXer.  Jason Aylett is not just an average rider though….  Check out the on-board telemetry from Jason Ayletts CR480R – with a couple of practice laps around Farleigh Castle at WME Pre85 Round 8 in August

A couple of practice laps on board the CR480 around Farleigh Castle with Jason Aylett.

Posted by Jason Aylett on Wednesday, 31 August 2016


2017 WME Pre85 Motocross Race Series Registrations NOW OPEN

So here you go Rockstars – get yourself organised and treat yourself to an early Christmas pressie by registering for all the Fun-Fun-Fun in 2017 right here. 

Download and complete your form – send back with a cheque or email the form back to and make a PayPal payment to the same address.

Click on Pic – Hardly Rocket Science